Premium 9 LED RGBW Rock Light Kit
  • Premium 9 LED RGBW Rock Light Kit


    Premium RGBW 27w Rock Lights!

    Ever wanted that real "Pure White" look with your RGB Rock Lights as well as having the capabilty to still change colors?? Why choose? The answer is here!

     With Vengeance LEDs Premium RGBW Rock Lights, you can now have the best of both worlds with some serious light output!

    These power packed RGBW Rock Lights outshine the competition with 9 (3w) Cree LEDs crammed into one Rock Light!

    2x Red, 2x Green, 2x Blue, and 3x Pure White 3 watt Cree LEDs all in 1 Rock Light!!! (See photos) 

    Twice as bright as other RGB Rock Lights and three times as bright as other Pure White Rock Lights!

    Unlike other cheap Rock Light kits, this kit uses all of the highest quality components! (Including the most user friendly and state of the art bluetooth control boxes!)


    *RGBW Rock Light Extensions sold separately*


    Product Details:

    • 5,280 lumens per 4 piece kit
    • Bluetooth Controlled via your smart phone
    • Allows you to make your RGB lights pulse to music, flash to any sound your microphone picks up, change color to what your camera sees, change LEDs to ANY of 16 million colors via a color wheel, change brightness easily to any setting, set preset functions ect.
    • Easily switch to "Pure White" Function by tapping a tab within the app just like you would to change functions!
    • Single Color Mode, Multi-Color Mode, Strobe Mode, Music Sync Mode
    • Waterproof with IP68 rating
    • Stamped with "VENGEANCE LEDS" so everyone knows you purchased high quality!
    • All waterproof plug and play Rock Light connections!


    Kit includes: (for each 4 piece kit)

    • 4x Vengeance LEDs Premium RGBW Rock Lights
    • Detailed Wiring Instructions
    • 1x Bluetooth Control Box 
    • 1x RGBW Driver Box
    • 1x Converter Box (Optional for vehicles that spike above 14v upon start up. This keeps the voltage going to the Rock Lights at 12v)
    • 1x 4-1 RGBW Splitter
    • 1x RGB Signal Wire
    • Vengeance LEDs Decal
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty

      Products are covered under a 2 year warranty against mechanical defect. Any mechanical defect with our RGBW Rock Lights will be covered under warranty as long as proper installation was done. *Professional install is highly recommended. Wiring issues will not be covered without proof of professional installation.*