ONE-OF-A-KIND F-150/MARK LT Headlights!
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND F-150/MARK LT Headlights!

    So let's first explain, in detail, the reason these headlights cost so much. 

    The Breakdown:

    These headlights are the product of 3 sets of headlights:

    -RARE Lincoln Mark LT Headlights (Only made in 2008 and are INSANELY hard to get ahold of! Average cost of these headlights alone: $650 damaged - $850 heavily used)

    -2015-2017 PLATINUM F-150 Headlights: Cost: $700-$1,100. (We took the LED Modules out of the newer F-150 Platinum Headlights and used them as the main light output for these custom headlights.)

    -2004-2008 F-150 Headlights: Like stated above, the Mark LT Headlights are almost ALWAYS damaged. The set we got ahold of were damaged badly enough that we needed to use normal F-150 Headlights to replace as many broken components as possible (Internal Mounts, Lenses ect.)

    Now that we did all of that, we had to make 2017 F-150 technology fit into a 2008 Lincoln headlight and function properly in a 2006 F-150. Let that sink in.


    Now that all of that is explained and out of the way, we can get down to Brass Tax.

    These headlights, other than their months of work needed to piece them together, got:

    Three colors of paint in this WICKED paint scheme

    Custom Side Markers

    "Braceless" RGBW Shroud Halos

    RGB Demon Eyes

    2x RGBW Bluetooth Controllers

    Switchback LED Turn Signal Upgrades





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