ALL Headlight and Tail Light builds are covered under a Vengeance LEDs LLC 2 year limited warranty so you can buy with confidence! Warranty covers any manuacturer defects on ALL components*, and the OEM-like seal on the Headlights or Tail Lights.

***Aftermarket Headlight and Tail Light lenses are known to have a film on them that "flakes" off or "cracks" over time. We do offer a Premium Lens Coating or a Clear Bra coating to help prevent this from happening. Due to this, uncoated or unprotected lenses will only have the manufacturers 90 day warranty on the lenses. Only coatings or films applied by Vengeance LEDs LLC are accepted under a 1 year warranty. Warranty does not cover customer supplied parts.***

If you should have any problems with your lights, get ahold of us by email, or on any one of our social media pages and we will gladly take care of whatever issues you may have!

All builds are considered "custom built" to the customers specific liking. This means that there will be no returns on Headlight Builds, Tail Light builds, or anything that has been “custom” built for a specific customer.

All other products offered on our website (Other than Headlight or Tail Light Builds) are covered under their manufacturers warranties. RGBW Rock Lights are covered under a 2 year warranty as well.

 Note* Use of aftermarket HID/LED Headlight bulbs can void the warranty against moisture buildup. Temperature differences outside the headlight/tail light vs inside the headlight/tail light greatly differ when HID/LED bulbs are used (Mainly in cold climates or during the winter), thus causing light condensation inside the headlights/tail lights. Condensation will go away in a couple hours after the headlight bulbs are turned off. This is due to the inside and outside temperatures becoming more alike via vents on the back of the housings. This same temperature change will also happen more with headlights that have accessory lighting installed (Halos, LED Pods ect.). Don’t panic! It’s normal!

Remember: Fogging is normal in some circumstances. (After a car wash, in cold weather, and in humid weather for example) This doesn’t mean there is a “leak”. This is simply due to temperature differences that will later level out. Water beading and accumulation however is not normal and should be addressed!



To avoid any risk of moisture accumulating inside these lights, refrain from pressure washing these lights, or their seals on high pressure directly. Direct, high pressure water to the sealant can eventually weaken the sealant and cause a less than perfect seal.

We recommend a low pressure rinse and, if necessary, using glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to get off bugs/ road debris.